Proofreading services

Have you ever tried to check the quality of a machine translation? Then, if you are not sure of the result and you want a translation without errors, you should proceed to proofread. This step is essential in every translation process. Utranslated provides you with a team of proofreaders who specialises in a variety of fields. They are native speakers and will be able to make all the necessary linguistic corrections and cultural adaptations to your translated text. You can count on us, our services are fast, professional and, above all, inexpensive…

Proofreading, an essential step!

To get away from word-for-word translation and optimise the accuracy of your machine translation, think about the proofreading stage. This is the most important step in assuring the quality of a translated text. Proofreading ensures that you will not be disappointed with the final result. It consists of revising the entire translated content to detect all types of imperfections. This could be grammatical, syntactic, stylistic, typographical or other. Also, the proofreading phase implies a perfect adaptation of the vocabulary and terminology specific to the field in question. In practice, medical vocabulary does not use the same terms as legal or commercial terminology.

In addition, the culture and sometimes the legal system and legislation of the recipient country must also be carefully adapted. Otherwise, your translation cannot be understood or validated by your foreign clients.

Our team of specialised proofreaders

By hiring Utranslated to proofread your machine translations, you will benefit from a 100% professional service. We have a team of experts at your disposal who are specialists in all areas of activity. With proven experience, each proofreader has mastered the subtleties and rules of his mother tongue. They will quickly detect any errors in your text and make the necessary corrections. In addition, he or she has excellent linguistic and writing skills that enable them to improve and enrich machine translation. In addition, they have the ability to satisfy the requirements of the reader of your document. This can be in terms of language or typography, without distorting your initial text. In fact, remaining faithful to the original content of your document is also a fundamental quality for any qualified proofreader.

What our proofreading services can do for you…

To help you improve the quality of your translated texts, we offer fast, reliable and reasonably priced proofreading services. They are done by our human proofreaders who are the best at correcting the errors of machine translation. But that’s not all… It doesn’t only give you accurate and error-free results. Proofreading at Utranslated is often done on short notice and costs less than professional translation projects.

Quality assurance

Do you want a translation that meets quality standards? Have it checked by our qualified proofreaders. There is no other way to ensure the accuracy and precision of the terms used in machine translation. This requires a human proofreading stage to ensure consistency and perfection of sentences. This is particularly relevant if you have a technical or formal document to be translated. In this case, machine translation is not enough.


Our adaptation and proofreading services are fast thanks to the linguistic and technical skills of our proofreaders. They will give you the benefit of limited deadlines and meet your requirements for urgent projects. So don’t worry, there is no risk of exceeding the delivery dates provided in the quotations. Especially because we use the best correction tools that speed up our work to respond quickly to your requirements.

Studied rates

Regarding price, we charge for the proofreading of your translated documents at reasonable and well studied rates. This will essentially depend on the length and the technical nature of the document. But in any case, you will benefit from a transparent pricing system that you know in advance. With us, proofreading your machine translations is an economical solution that guarantees quality and professionalism.


Legal translation

Send us your legal documents now. Our specialist translators will surprise you with meticulous and well-adapted translations.


Medical translation

Count on our team of native experts for the processing of your medical documents. You will be assured of accurate and precise texts.


Technical translation

The translation of your technical documents requires the skills of our doubly trained translators. They guarantee you the best possible results.